Currently, Brad works for QRI in Baton Rouge, Louisiana as their IT Manager. Brad made the the move to Louisiana.

Previously, Brad worked for University PC Care. University PC Care is an Apple Authorized Service Provider located in Greenville, NC. Brad made the dive back into tech after a 2 year adventure into the world of social marketing.

Before moving back into tech Brad worked for RoundTable Toys as Director of Social Marketing. RoundTable Toys is an online toy retailer that hired Brad to take their Social Media presence to the next level. In the first month on the job Brad created RoundTable Toys TV.

Brad has been creating and consuming web content since late 2003 when he started as a blog about tech news. Brad took it one step further in 2005 when Podcasting came on the scene and he started This Week ‘n Geek, A weekly Geek News Podcast.

“I always follow my passions in life and somehow end up getting paid for it”

– Brad’s words after realizing his idea to start a year later landed him a job.


“My advice? Follow what you love to do and you will be happy”

Brad started his career at Cox North Carolina Publications Inc. as a Technician/Analyst. Cox North Carolina was part of Cox Newspapers, which was one of the nation’s largest newspaper publishing enterprises. Cox North Carolina publishes 3 daily newspapers (The Daily Reflector, Rocky Mount Telegram, and The Daily Advance) and 10 non-daily newspapers. Brad’s diverse knowledge of both major operating systems including mobile platforms gives him an edge that not many IT/IS people can claim.

On many occasions, Brad has been a guest speaker at local schools in the Rocky Mount, NC area. Brad speaks on many things from nitty-gritty tech to motivating students to embrace the opportunities they are given. Brad believes in the early vocational education offered in many schools, as he was a participant in two classes that changed his career path at the age of 16. Brad graduated high school with not only a diploma but with two industry standard certifications, A+ Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Professional.

On the side, Brad delves into many miscellaneous tech projects. Not leaving any time to do anything else but spend time with the love of his life, Hope, and his four amazing kids. Formerly Brad worked at the Rocky Mount Telegram but before Brad even started working there, the paper featured Brad twice in articles concerning blogging and podcasting. The most recent article, “Cutting Edge Guy” described Brad’s lifestyle along with describing his podcast, “This Week n Geek”. Brad is always trying to stay on the cutting edge of every technology possible, “he bleeds binary code”!