Hello, my name is Brad Proctor.

I am a husband, father of four, and all around geek. Read my blog below.

My eulogy for Dad

My dad passed away on November 21, 2018. This is the eulogy I gave during his funeral. Many of you knew Greg as your manager, your car salesman, your team member, your golfing buddy, your neighbor, your uncle, your cousin, your nephew, your granddad and most of all...

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Mac Pro: Workstation vs Desktop

I keep seeing this comment - "The new Mac Pro is so expensive, typical Apple." Reality Check: It is expensive but not for the level of computing. In computing, you have two main types of user systems - desktop and workstation. Desktops are the traditional hardware...

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Modern Day Communication

I hear it all the time, ”kids these days don't know how to communicate because they are always on their phones” Newsflash, that is called communication, it just looks different. Just because someone communicates differently than you does not mean they are...

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Right to Repair

The device repair industry, pushed by iFixit, is talking out both sides of their mouth about repairability. Being able to repair every device you own is a great idea but in practice falls apart when consumers demand - thin, light, durable and long battery life. When...

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Butterfly Keyboard Craziness

I love Apple products but this is crazy. In 2016 Apple released a brand new keyboard with a new key switch design referred to as butterfly switches (the plastic that holds key in place and allows key to move up and down). The reliability of these keyboards has been,...

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Let’s talk about 5G

The reported gigabit per second speeds have some serious limitations. Must be a direct line of sight to the base stationMust be within a few hundred yards of the base stationIt doesn't work indoors as it does not penetrate walls. Overall, 5G will be an improvement...

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