I keep seeing this comment – “The new Mac Pro is so expensive, typical Apple.”

Reality Check: It is expensive but not for the level of computing.

In computing, you have two main types of user systems – desktop and workstation. Desktops are the traditional hardware most consumers and businesses use on a daily basis. Workstations are high-end systems designed to perform specific tasks that normal desktops just can’t handle.

Workstation hardware uses different components than traditional desktops that in most cases are similar to those used in servers. The processors, memory, storage, and graphics are completely different and can’t be compared to others. These systems are also designed in a way to allow for full performance consistently versus consumer hardware that will fluctuate based on thermal conditions and load.

The Mac Pro is considered a workstation and uses high-end components, like Xeon processors versus the normal Intel i series you will find in your average laptop or desktop.

A true comparison would be to price a Dell workstation (Precision series) with similar components. Guess what? The price can meet or exceed that of the Mac Pro.

Long story short, the Mac Pro is not priced for consumers because it is not for consumers.

The difference? Dell doesn’t make a big marketing push and stage presence for their Pro level hardware – only Apple.