Three years ago I remember very vividly reading an article in our local newspaper about two friends that opened a computer repair shop. I remember saying to myself – I wish these guys well. Something stuck out to me about this place and it never left my mind.

Fast forward to a few weeks ago.

I was contacted by one of the guys from this article, Ashton. Ashton was looking for a ACMT (Apple Certified Macintosh Technician) to help manage and get the Apple Authorized repair off the ground. I ignored him to begin with because I am extremely happy working for Round Table Toys.

But he persisted… and for a reason. The reason? There is no such thing as a coincidence.

Two years ago I made a decision to completely switch from what I knew and loved to something completely new. I was working in an IT department that supported mostly Macs and took a leap head first into Social Media. Some called me crazy – others told me to go for it. It wasn’t that they doubted me, they doubted my belief that Social Media was here to stay and that it was going to change the face of marketing – forever. Two years later, things look a little different with Facebook and Twitter plastered all over the place. Am I still crazy? Absolutely (but that is a different story).

I have always followed my passion even if it meant leaving the place I love.

My passion is tech and particularly Macs. Need proof? Look at my license plate or my recent tweets.

So with this in mind, I am leaving Round Table Toys to join Ashton at University PC Care.

I am going to deeply miss Round Table and all the awesome people that made everyday full of fun-ness. To my fellow Round Table Knights – thank you for the awesome two years and continue what you do best – enabling kids of all ages to have fun.

While I enjoy social media, I am a tech at heart. As was written about me in a newspaper article previously – “He bleeds binary code”

I am sure many people that were upset when I stopped working on computers will be happy to know the geeky, pimply face, teenager, with long hair is back and repairing computers. Minus the long hair and pimply face teenager part… my hair is kinda falling out.

The journey has only just begun….