This past week at Apple’s World Wide Developers Conference held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco Apple announced several things that drastically changed the way developers can develop apps for iOS and Mac OS X.

While these changes seem very minor or obscure to the everyday user – they prove that Apple’s idea of controlling both hardware and software is a great idea.

Apple announced a new feature in OS X and iOS called Continuity. Continuity allows iOS devices and Macs to hand off tasks and be aware of certain task being performed on each device. For instance if you start a document on your iPad you can go over to your Mac and instantly start where you left off and vice versa. Technically this is not impossible with other platforms but with Apple they control the entire experience and therefore are able to offer seamless integration like no other platform.

In the 90s Windows took off because anyone could buy a PC off the shelf from multiple manufacturers at a lower cost than purchasing a Mac. This created a software eco-system on Windows that quickly grew to the massive scale we see today. With the wide range of hardware it was difficult to guarantee a common and seamless experience. This problem became very apparent when Microsoft released windows 8 and quickly realized they had to create a tablet to give consumers the full experience they envisioned.

Here lies the difference between Apple and other tech companies. Apple is able to control the entire experience they envision and implement it from end to end. They construct the experience by design. This is a trend that is catching on with many companies including Microsoft and it’s good for the consumer as it ensures powerful features that just work.