Every weekday morning when I wake up I look forward to going to work. Why? Because I love the work I do and the friends I have the privilege of calling coworkers.

Today marks my three year anniversary with University PC Care. The past three years have been simply amazing and so much fun.

The three year mark is significant as it is the longest I have ever worked for one company. This doesn’t mean I disliked the other companies I worked for in the past as every move I have made has been very strategic. I always, always, follow my passions. With that said I am not going anywhere.


There is no denying my passion is technology and at University PC Care I have the privilege of helping plan, prepare, and push our company to the next level. The next few months are going to be exciting and challenging at the same time. Some of the products and services we are planning to announce have been in progress for a while and will quickly turn us from just a computer repair shop into a full service IT company.

It is time to show people why Care is part of our name as it is not just about technology, but people.

Here is to many more years.