This is the most ridiculous lawsuit claiming Apple is hiding the fact they do not include a dust filter for Mac air intakes.

  1. Cleaning dust in your computer is your responsibility as an owner and it should be done every few months depending on the environment.
  2. Adding a filter opens up to possibility of the filter getting clogged with dust which would lead to overheating as air will not be able to flow. If the user doesn’t do the above do you think they will clean the filter? No.
  3. Adding a filter decreases the airflow which means the fans would have to spin faster to produce the same amount of cooling. So a dust filter would increase the noise, vibrations, and power required.
  4. The lawsuit mentions black marks in between iMac glass and LCD. Those marks are not from dust but from the combo of candles, cigarettes, and dust. Trust me, I’ve had to clean them.

All of this hinges on a premise other manufacturers do it as well, and they don’t until you get into server hardware.

Source: Trusted Reviews