Before jumping on the turning off tech bandwagon think about this statement – technology is to be a tool to accomplish a task in a simple and efficient manner. Just as a hammer helps hit a nail into a board, so does technology help spread information or simplify a complex task.

In our current culture, we feel this need to push technology into every aspect of our lives. This can be pointless if the tool does not work in that situation. You do not use a hammer to screw in a screw but we constantly force technology to solve a problem it was never meant to solve. Step back, analyze the problem, and pick the tool for the job.

What we tend to do as humans blame the device or tool, not human nature. If you hit your finger with a hammer, do you blame the hammer? No, so why blame technology?

Very often I hear comments blaming Facebook for the lack of social interaction. Again we blame the technology when Facebook should just be used as a tool to better communicate. It adds to communication and should not take away from it. In other words, face to face still matters.

We live in a very exciting time for technology where barriers of communication are being broken down every day but when technology starts to get in the way it is no longer a tool but a distraction.