I love Apple products but this is crazy.

In 2016 Apple released a brand new keyboard with a new key switch design referred to as butterfly switches (the plastic that holds key in place and allows key to move up and down).

The reliability of these keyboards has been, well let’s say, terrible. With each iteration of the keyboard they’ve attempt to improve the reliability with very little progress. They did right by customers and started a service program to cover this reliability issue free of charge, which I have participated as I own an original 2016 model.

The crazy part? Apple released a brand new MacBook Pro yesterday and instead of abandoning the new keyboard design, they instead announced it was also part of the service program.

I can’t think of anytime in Apple’s history that they announced a service program the same day they released the product.

I actually like the new keyboard, unlike many users, but this insanity of sticking with a flawed design year over year has to stop.