I hear it all the time, ”kids these days don’t know how to communicate because they are always on their phones”

Newsflash, that is called communication, it just looks different. Just because someone communicates differently than you does not mean they are communicating poorly.

It comes across as the ”I used to walk 15 miles” analogy, versus grasping that things change. Much of the tech has drastically improved how we communicate because that access to others is in our pocket. This access has made it easier to communicate, not harder. It is has broken down barriers that physical communication would never allow.

Have you ever thought about that if a kid is on their phone in a public setting maybe, just maybe, they don’t want to communicate with you or those around them? Doesn’t mean they are bad at communication – in fact, I would argue the next generation is probably better at it.

Before phones, kids would just tune out or ignore the conversation around them. This is nothing new, and will always exist.

It is a lazy way of saying I don’t get it, so I’m going to say they are wrong. Instead, we should embrace it and explain that multiple forms of communication are necessary in today’s world.